Archives & Node-RED: Synchronizing Lights

The chandelier in my bedroom is not very bright, so we always end up turning on a lamp. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for automation, so to geek town I go!
Getting Started with Home Automation

I've always been interested in the home automation community... on the outside looking in. I've finally decided to take the plunge, and I'm loving it. This is what I've figured out, standing on the shoulders of giants.
How to Deploy GeoServer on OpenShift

I'm at the FOSS4G-NA conference with a bunch of geospatial geeks, so let's build a containerized GeoServer image using Source-to-Image binary builds, and then let's deploy on OpenShift with data persistence.
How to Backup Ceph Block Storage

Ceph is designed for replication, but what if you just want a traditional back up?
How to Cluster Kubernetes on RHEL 7

Distribute Kubernetes on to multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 machines!
How to Install Kubernetes on RHEL 7

Install Kubernetes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for Docker awesomeness.
How to Build a Diskless Cluster

Create a truly diskless cluster, provisioned to RAM via PXE boot.
The Shining: typewriter scripting

Simple scripts for simulating a typewriter in JavaScript and Python.
Script to add users to LDAP

Add users to LDAP and configure group memberships via a Bash script.
Start VirtualBox VM in the Background on Windows

Powershell script for starting a VM in the background.
Howto: Shrink VMWare VMDK Files

Virtual machine images tend to grow over time, causing exported machine images to be unnecessarily large. Here’s how to remove the excess baggage.
Reddit Lessons Learned

Scaling a web service is hard. Here's what Reddit learned from the growing pains.
Queueing in the Linux Network Stack

An interesting article on Linux network queueing and buffer optimizations.
Finding Duplicate UIDs

Python script for finding duplicate user IDs on a Linux system.
Create Linux Spanned Volume

Bash script for finding and creating a spanned volume for ephemeral drives in AWS.
Create Windows Spanned Volume

PowerShell script for finding and creating a spanned volume for ephemeral drives in AWS.